Aaron Hill

Impressionist//Plein Air Painter

From an early age, Aaron always loved to draw and color. He grew up in a home where creativity was encouraged and spent a lot of time learning to paint from his grandfather, who was a sign painter and artist himself. As a kid, he learned so much about painting and doing art with his grandfather, and although he pursued other things as he got older, he's always loved illustration and painting. As an adult he has taken classes and progressed his art towards the type of art he has always admired - impressionist landscapes. For the past several years he has taken his studio outdoors and painted plein air. It is very difficult, but has honed his skills of editing his surroundings down to values and color. Aaron said, "To edit a scene down to just the essentials is always the goal in my paintings and being on location with limited time has been a great way to learn." When he is not painting, he enjoys traveling and hanging out with his wife and two boys in the mountains of East Tennessee.