Chris Long

Functional Ceramic and Sculpture Artist

As a child, Christopher was always playing with mud, dirt, rocks and natural objects. Of course, this is a pretty common pastime for children growing up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain chain in Estill County, Kentucky. These early childhood memories remained vibrant throughout his college career.

Christopher is a two time graduate of Eastern Kentucky University. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, as well as, a BS degree in Horticulture from EKU. He also received a MA degree in the area of arts education and leadership. Christopher's ceramic work has been shown at EKU, University of the Cumberlands, University of Louisville and University of Kentucky.

Christopher feels working with clay in his studio is a very spiritual experience. Clay is the substance our bodies are made of and shall return to someday. Clay has been a comfort for Christopher through times, good and bad. A boyhood dream come true with mud and fire. 

Beside being a ceramic artist, Christopher has served as an arts educator for the past ten years. His passion is being an arts advocate in the state in the state of Kentucky.

Christopher currently resides in Campbellsville, KY with his wife and two children.

We are all born artist, the problem is to stay one once we grow up. -Pablo Picasso