Jacqui Fehl


Influenced by music, lyrics, feelings, stories, other artists and the materials themselves, Jacqui Fehl’s art is as varied and unpredictable as her ever changing hair - sometimes light, humorous and colorful, while at other times more serious, monochromatic and a bit dark.

She works both abstractly and figuratively and bounces freely between the two. Jacqui often colors outside the lines and doesn’t like to be limited in palette, materials, or genre.

Her creative process is mostly intuitive. She may start out with an idea, but never really knows what the end result will be. Using a combination of paint, pastels, various papers, graphite, and paint markers, she usually begins by building up layers for a background. “It is a dance of layering on, removing, covering up and revealing. I like my work to be loose, a bit flawed and not too precise or perfect” The last step of almost every painting (after signing her name) is to splatter ink or paint on some part of the piece. Although she’s been known to cover that up as well at times.

“My best work is when I remember to get out of my own way.”