Rebecca Weller


Rebecca Weller is a professional fine artist living and working in Cincinnati, Ohio. After the completion of her education at the art academy of Cincinnati in 1999, Rebecca begin working from her studio and crafting a visual language of her own. She has recently begun a series of large scale portraits of birds, using a combination of screen printing, staining and traditional painting techniques. A group of work from her last series was purchased by Anthropologie to be sold in stores. 

Her work has been mentioned in The Village Voice, Visual Overture, and City Beat as well as other publications over the years. She has also frequently participated in solo and group shows, as well as short term residencies, in Ohio and Kentucky and Florida at the Taft Museum of art, Manifest gallery and Bromwells gallery to name a few.

"I begin each piece with a rough charcoal sketch of the subject, and then continue to layer paint and printed patterns until the piece seems to come alive and has a fabric like quality. I layer the decorative patterns from hand made screens in between stains and classical paint techniques, in order to create the feeling of depth and a sense meaning in each piece. I am hoping to achieve the balance of the feminine floral elements with a bolder aggressive paint style in order to create a tension and feeling of intimacy in the work. In the end, I would like the viewer to feel as if they truly know and can even identify with the subject in a new way."