Stan McKinney


Photography has been an important part of Stan McKinney’s life since his aunt gave him a Kodak Brownie on his 13th birthday. Many years and cameras later, photography remains one of his major passions.

McKinney worked as a photojournalist, reporter and editor for three different newspapers during approximately 26 years in the newspaper business. During that time in his life, he began photographing flowers he raised to balance the sometimes unpleasant photos of wrecks, fires and other disasters his job required him to take. 

Most of his life, McKinney has also had a passion for cars of any vintage, make and model. The late Tommy Clark, who taught art at Campbellsville University for many years, convinced McKinney to start looking closer at the vintage vehicles both admired and to photograph the details he saw.

Today, McKinney, who is an associate professor of journalism and lead professor for Mass Communication at Campbellsville University, does just that. He teaches photojournalism, writing, media law and other courses. But in his spare time he is active in the Tri-County Car Club and with two cars shows at the university.

While he takes photos of the vehicles for two different websites, McKinney also searches for unusual hood ornaments, taillights, etc. He uses a variety of filters and brushes in Adobe Photoshop to change those photos into his artistic vision.